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Buying a new home creates an enormous to-do list. If it’s your first home, the task of furnishing your home is costly and time-consuming. However, even if it’s not your first home, it’s nearly as difficult integrating all your current furniture into a new home where everything may not fit quite right. It requires a lot of imagination and skilled design to be able to integrate existing furniture. Still, no matter how talented you are, you will find that you have to ditch some of your stuff and acquire some new pieces in order to make everything look right. Once your furniture and decor are in place, the last thing people tend to look after is window treatments.

If you notice, in most new homes you’ll see flimsy, temporary paper treatments. Temporary often turns into a few months and in many cases over a year. Shopping for window treatments is complicated for a few reasons, firstly, it’s expensive. With the high cost, it’s easy to be indecisive with what type of treatment will best suit each room and causes many to be complacent. Another factor is that you can’t take them with you. Most window treatments are only suitable for the window they are measured from, hence you will not be taking them with you on your next move, many view it as money down the drain. Never the less, suitable window treatments are essential to any rooms decor. Bite the bullet and combat your indecisiveness with some of these options.

1) Matchstick Blinds

If you’re searching for an organic feel, while allowing a lot of light and still maintaining privacy, matchstick blinds are an excellent option. They have a very distinct look and may not match many decors, but due to their unique nature, they are worth a look. They are definitely the way to go if you’re going for a rustic feel in a summer home.

2) Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are a pragmatic option for a variety of reasons. They reduce your energy costs by blocking out the sun on hot summer days and also have thermal properties that mitigate the cold that seeps in during the winter months. In the past, they didn’t have many different style options, but now the options are endless in a successful marriage of pragmatism and beautiful design. These are a must for bedrooms to ensure a restful sleep.

3) Shutters

Despite the hefty price tag, nothing matches the sheer elegance of shutters. The cost is easily offset by their durability, lasting upwards of twenty years, so if your planning to live at your new home indefinitely, they are a purchase you won’t regret. They are also very effective at blocking out light and drafts for added energy efficiency.

4) Top Down Bottom Up

Top down bottom up shades are just how they sound; they have the ability to slide up or down, exposing whichever part of the window you desire. If you require privacy but still want unfiltered light to enter the home, simply pull down and expose the top. These are ideal for homes on busy streets or bathrooms.

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