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We inherited a house and decided it was time to sell. We knew Bret and his family, so we called him. He did a great job helping us sell our house!

Sherrie and Smitty – Seller

Our daughter was looking for a new home. My wife and I were proud to be in the position to help her. We hadn’t done business with Bret before, but we liked how we felt when we met him. We are happy we chose to work with Bret. He did a great job, and our daughter and granddaughter love their new home!

Tom and Nancy – Buyer

We set a goal to invest in real estate. First we found a fixer upper and performed a quality renovation. Once the project was complete, we sold the property for a nice profit! Thanks for your help, Bret!

Bob and Kim – Seller

We had a house we were having a tough time selling. Before we knew Bret, we selected another agent to help us sell our property. This agent failed, but when we met Bret, we had a good feeling. We were right! He helped us sell our house!

Gary and Jane – Seller

We had a neighbor who was not taking very good care of their property. Eventually, they decided to sell the property. We called Bret and he guided us through the process to purchase the house. We fixed it up and turned it into our first rental property. We will definitely work with Bret again!

Mike and Renee – Buyer

I’m an investor, and great investors know how important it is to have a sharp real estate agent on their team. Well Bret is just that. We worked together once before and he helped me sell a house. This time he helped me sell a duplex. Great job!

Alex – Seller

My son graduated from high school with Bret. It is awesome to see him working hard and helping people accomplish their real estate goals. It was a pleasure working with him to close a deal together.

Trisha – Seller

I have done jobs for Bret on multiple projects. I am grateful to do business with his company.

James – Contractor

We decided to invest in real estate and buy a foreclosure, and Bret helped us navigate the process of purchasing a HUD Home. Very excited about the upcoming renovation project!\

David and Stephen – Buyer

Bret was one of my students when I was teaching elementary school. What a great experience working together to help our clients accomplish their goals now that we are both real estate agents?! Let’s do it again!

Laura – Agent

We loved our house, but it was time to sell and build our dream home. Bret gave us great advice to prepare our home for the market and price it right to sell. Then he negotiated so well for us that we ended up selling our house for the highest price per square foot in the neighborhood. We got way over asking price too! Awesome!

Tim and Toni – Seller

We bought a condo after Katrina. Life was good, but it was time to move back into a home that would allow us to spread out and enjoy the lifestyle we prefer. Bret helped us buy a wonderful home in our most desired neighborhood. He helped us lease our condo as well. We were very satisfied with Bret’s work and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. Thank you!

Campbell and Emily – Buyer

My daughter passed away, and I had to sell her house. Bret was great to talk to and great to work with. My sister and I really enjoyed meeting him. He did a great job. We are grateful for his help. True gentleman.

April – Seller

I am a licensed contractor and I performed some work for Bret. He was very clear on what we were setting out to accomplish. When he received my invoice, he issued a prompt payment. I’m glad we met and looking forward to working together again!

Sam – Contractor

Our house was very nice, and we wanted to work with someone who we knew would help us sell for a great price. I taught Bret in high school, so I knew he was honest, trustworthy, and as sharp as a tack. He did a wonderful job and sold our house in ONE day!

Mark and Carolyn – Seller

We bought a townhome for our daughter. When she was married and ready to move in with her husband, Bret helped us sell the property. He did a great job and negotiated for us very well.

Mike and Lynn – Seller

We were renting for a long time and we were ready to own a home. Bret helped us achieve our goal. He is very smart and operates like a true professional. Thank you!

Wayne and Trudy – Buyer

We purchased a house, renovated it, and rented it out for a couple of years. Once we decided to sell, we gave Bret a call. He did an excellent job marketing and selling our house. Thank you!

James and Sarah – Seller

I met Bret through another contractor. He and I discussed the type of construction and renovation work I liked to perform. Then he submitted a set of plans as well as a scope of work. I provided an estimate and Bret decided to give me a shot. I’m glad he trusted in me and grateful to showcase my skills. Thank you!

Orlando – Contractor

I inherited a house and decided to rent. This went well for several years, yet one tenant turned out to be very rotten. They were not paying rent and even went as far as threatening me and my husband. Bret stepped in with a cool head and handled the entire eviction process for us. Then he helped me sell my property. We are grateful for your help!

Sharon and Don – Seller

I was ready to downsize, so I reached out to Bret. He gave me great advice and helped me find a buyer so I can sell my house. Now we’re working on the process to help me buy a condo. Bret is a blessing! Thank you!

Anthony – Seller

Bret and I connected and went out to lunch. He asked me to do a job for him at one of his projects. Everything went smooth and I ended up doing some more work at another property.

Don – Contractor

We purchased a property for investment purposes and ran into some issues with contractors. We were pretty worn out after some of this, but Bret stepped in and encouraged us. He helped us find a new contractor to finish the project. Then he did a great job helping us to sell the property. It was a pleasure to work with Bret!

Bob and Kim – Seller

My wife and I live in Texas. We found a piece of property we wanted to buy in Louisiana. We called Bret, and he helped us coordinate the entire process from out of state. We did not even cross state lines for the closing. Super helpful agent. I would recommend Bret to anyone looking for the best!

Todd and Loan – Buyer

My crew and I helped Bret renovate a house. We enjoyed the project and hope to have an opportunity to work together with Bret again in the future. Thank you!

Edwin – Contractor

I purchased a property, then rented it for one lease period. When this resident moved out, I had a decision to make. Rent again or sell. Bret did a great job. He sold my house fast for a great price!

Alex – Seller

I was excited to purchase my home and enjoyed living there. An opportunity came up for some new work, so it was time to relocate. I worked with another agent hoping to sell my house, but they didn’t get the job done. I decided to work with Bret, and I’m glad I did. He did an awesome job. He helped me sell my house!

Marshall and Emily – Seller

I purchased a piece of property a while back with plans to develop, yet things changed. I have been thinking about selling it for a while now, and Bret helped me get the job done. He found a buyer quickly and got me a great price for the property. Smooth and simple. Thank you!

Iffy and John – Seller

Bret is an honest guy who is easy to work with. I enjoyed working with him to help our clients close a deal together. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Lisa – Agent

We have always been interested in real estate, so we gave it a shot. Since it was our first project, we partnered with some friends. We bought a property that needed some updates. We hired Bret to help us sell the house. He did an excellent job making sure we got the best results possible. We will definitely work with him again!

Troy, Emily, Dean, and Kim – Seller

We had to relocate for my job, so we called Rise Up Real Estate Group for a consultation about selling our house. We were very pleased with Bret’s advice on market conditions and how we should prepare our home for the market. Once we completed all of the items he recommended, we listing the property for sale. We received multiple offers and sold our house for more than asking price! In between the time we accepted the offer and closed on the sale, Bret also helped us with the process to buy our new home. The entire process was simple, fast, fun, well organized, and felt really smooth. Bret did an amazing job! Thank you! When you want to buy or sell real estate, Rise Up Real Estate Group should be on the top of your list!

Buddy and Colleen – Seller

I had built homes for almost ten years. I had been a carpenter, a foreman, a project manager, and even a regional manager, but always worked for someone else. Bret wanted to pursue some new construction projects. We decided to put our heads together and do some business. Bret helped me fund the insurance requirements as well as lent me the funds the state Licensing Board for Contractors requires contractors to have on hand in order to activate their license as a general contractor. This was a HUGE help! Then he bought two lots and appointed me as project manager on the construction of two custom homes. It’s a sweet feeling to begin building two new homes as well as begin building my own business. Thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to get my business rolling!

Kevin – Contractor

We inherited some property, and decided to sell in order to use the funds for other purposes. Bret helped us sell for a great price. Thank you!

Chris and Caitlin – Seller

We met Bret at LSU. When we were ready to buy our first home, we called him. He took the time to walk us through the process and made sure we had a great experience. We are grateful for your help and proud to be homeowners! Thank you!

Sam and Emily – Buyer

I was moving back into town and hoping to be able to find a home in my childhood neighborhood. Bret had something and we made the deal. It was a really smooth, and I enjoyed working with him. What a way to celebrate Christmas!

Eric – Buye

I asked Bret to help me research the market to find out where the best place to build a home with the intention of selling would be. Once I saw something I liked, I pulled the trigger. Thanks for your help!

Bobby – Contractor

I bought a lot with the intention to build a home, but things changed. Bret helped me sell my lot in order to buy and build in a different location. Thanks for your help!

Allison – Seller

I was living with my parents after college. I enjoyed the family atmosphere, yet it was time to buy my first home. I had no idea what I was doing. I’m glad I had the chance to work with Bret. He did a great job helping me buy my first home!

Kyle – Buyer

Bret helped me buy my first home…Yay!!! The process was simple and fun. I am looking forward to not paying rent while I enjoy my first job and earn my MBA. Thank you!

Lauren – Buyer

Bret has hired me to clear several lots, perform site work, etc. He is an honest guy who pays his bills promptly. I meet a lot of people in business, and Bret is the type of guy you want to work with. He is a great guy who works hard and has much more success coming his way. Thank you!

Ronnie – Contractor

We bought a property in a flood zone and didn’t anticipate flood insurance costing as much as it ultimately did. Bret did a great job representing our interests as seller as well as marketing our property for sale very effectively. He found us a buyer when even we had doubts.

David and Stephen – Buyer

We were recently married when we decided the time was right for us to buy our first home together. We reached out to Bret, and he was grateful for the opportunity to help us buy a new home. He did a great job. Good thing, because shortly after we bought our home we found out we were expecting a new baby!

Skip and Christine – Buyer

My brother goes to church with Bret. He introduced us, and Bret asked me to help him with a job at one of his properties. The job was smooth. He is an awesome guy. We will definitely work together again!

Gerry – Contractor

We loved our house, but we were outgrowing the space quickly. We already had two sons and a third was on the way. Bret helped us get pre approved and ultimately helped us buy a wonderful home in a better neighborhood and a better school district. To make the deal work, he even bought our former residence so we could receive the final loan approval for our new purchase. This was a dream come true!

Thomas and Jennifer – Buyer

I met Bret for morning mass before he was a real estate agent. As the team leader, I helped him get started as an agent. I’m glad to see he is working hard, helping others, and achieving success in the real estate business. He has a bright future ahead!

Michele – Agent

We worked with Bret to buy our first rental property. Not too long afterward, we decided it was time to buy a new personal home. We saw a home we loved online, and Bret quickly scheduled a showing for us. It was my birthday, and my entire family was in town celebrating together. I asked him if everyone could come…my parents, my brothers and sisters, their kids, my husband, our kids. He said “Why not?!” We all went to tour the home, and I loved it. We had a blast working with Bret to buy our new home!

Mike and Renee – Buyer

Our family was moving into town to start a new job. With more than enough to think about at work, I was a little stressed about buying a new home as well. Bret made the process enjoyable and smooth. Thank you!

Nolen and Tara – Buyer

This was our fourth transaction with Bret. He brought us a nice offer and helped us sell our house for maximum value. Thank you!

David and Stephen – Seller

We had moved away for work and missed home. We wanted to move closer to family. We reached out to Bret he helped us to find the perfect home. Helped us find a great lender too. It’s great to be back in town!

Jason and Danielle – Buyer

While working a cool summer job at the beach, I met the lady I would one day marry. After we were engaged, she moved to town. We were ready to buy a home, and Bret helped us make it happen. We love our new home!

JW and Katie – Buyer

Answered all my questions. Gave me a lot more insights to better my due diligence. Awesome Coach!

I wanted to find a project and renovate a house. Bret helped me find a cool property near on the water. I am excited to buy the property and get rolling with the project!

Brian and Colleen – Buyer

We were proud of our son when he graduated from college. Next, he found a job working on the river and he was ready to move back to town to be closer to family. We were glad to work with Bret to help our son buy his new home. Thank you!

Jim and Melanie – Buyer

We owned some property out of state and decided to sell. Bret helped us coordinate a 1031 exchange and saved us from paying a great deal of taxes as a result of our sale. We were able to purchase several lots here in New Orleans. This made great sense. I am an architect, so now I have new properties to offer for sale to future clients. Bret worked hard and the process went very well.

Mike and Lisa – Buyer

Bret worked with us to find the perfect home in a very competitive market. We know several real estate agents, yet we choose to work with Bret because we know we can count on him to do what is right. Great agent! Great guy!

Mark and Carolyn – Buyer

When we saw the home hit the market, we knew we wanted to see it in person. We reached out to Bret, and he was awesome from the start. He helped us see the home as well and complete the process to buy it. We are grateful for his help. I even suggested he marry my daughter more than once. Hope he takes me up on it!

Bryan and Shelitta – Buyer

I went into a project with my brother-in-law, and we completed the project successfully. We planned on keeping the rental property for longer, yet things changed and we decided to sell. Rather than having awkward Christmas dinners with family, my wife and I decided to sell. Bret was a man of his word and helped us sell the property. Thank you.

Kirk and Mariana – Seller

Bret and I originally worked together to help our clients achieve their goals. I noticed him and saw great potential. Originally, I thought he would be a good fit for my team, and even tried to get him on board. He stayed on his own path and has done well for himself. Looking forward to closing another deal together.

Louis – Agent

We were ready for another project, and Bret helped us find a property with plenty of potential. Thanks for another great closing!

Bob and Kim – Buyer

After Bret helped us buy our dream home, he did a fantastic job selling our former residence. This is our third transaction with Bret. He is awesome! Celebrating each closing together with margaritas has become a fun tradition!

Mike and Renee – Seller

I was looking for a rental property, and Bret did a great job helping me find something that fit my criteria. Then he did a great job negotiating for me to make sure the deal was very favorable. Sharp agent for sure. Thank you!

Sanford – Buyer

I was looking for a rental property, and Bret did a great job helping me find something that fit my criteria. Then he did a great job negotiating for me to make sure the deal was very favorable. Sharp agent for sure. Thank you!

David – Buyer

We were out touring homes during the Parade of Homes and ran into Bret at a beautiful home built and listed by Rise Up Real Estate Group. He was gracious enough to work with our agent of choice when we decided to make an offer to buy the home. We can say from experience that Bret really knows what he is doing. He’s a sharp agent!

Michael and Betty – Buyer

I’ve worked with Bret, and like his approach. He is a professional.

Kellie – Agent

My future wife is moving to town, so it was time to move forward with the next chapter of life. Found the perfect home for us, but it was already under contract. Bret stayed in touch with the listing agent and made sure we were the first to know when that deal fell through. We acted quick and got the house. Many thanks to Bret for his help with making this happen!

Mario – Buyer

I met Bret at another project I was hired to complete. We hit it off. Bret provided us with a vision and we worked together to make the renovation project a success. He is a very positive, faith based guy. A real pleasure to work with. And he pays his bills in full and on time, just like he promises he will. I will definitely do another project for Bret!

Raye – Contractor

Bret helped us buy another foreclosure property from HUD. We’re looking forward to another real estate investment project!

David and Stephen – Buyer

I was interested in buying my first home, but not just anything would work. I wanted to purchase what seemed like the impossible property to find. I chose to work with Bret, and we ended up negotiating a deal with a seller whose property was not even listed for sale. In addition to the great deal, we even negotiated in the contract that the seller would have to give me a high five at the closing table. Bret was a lot of fun and helped me buy my first home!

Graham and Michelle – Buyer

Bret is the kind of person you want on your team. We recruited him pretty hard, yet he ultimately decided to pursue his vision to earn his broker’s license and launch his own company. Keep up the good work!

Quentin – Agent

We were looking for a rental property. At first we were hesitant, yet we ended up deciding to buy a property several hours from where we live. Bret was extremely professional. He negotiated a great deal for us as well as coordinating all property inspections and the closing while we were several hours away. Great job!

Will and Danielle – Buyer

I performed some repair work for Bret at one of his properties. He gives clear direction as well as pays his bills fast. I hope to work for Bret again soon. Thank you!

Lionel – Contractor

I contacted Bret to discuss selling my property. The property was in disrepair. It was more than I could tackle, plus it was costing me taxes and insurance. I had tried to sell it once before, but failed. Bret helped me sell the property. I am thankful to move on from this burden. Thank you!

Dianne – Seller

Bret runs a great company. He is always warm and respectful to me and my crew. I like him a lot and am grateful for the opportunity to work on his projects.

Chris – Contractor

My partner and I were looking for an investment opportunity. Something we could renovate and rent out. Bret helped us find an opportunity. We are excited about the project. Great guy!

DJ – Buyer

I inherited a rental property from my father. It was ok for a while, but I didn’t know what I was doing. Eventually, I had trouble with the tenant paying rent and damaging the property. I was fed up, and Bret helped me sell the property. Thank you!

Patrice – Seller

I am an investor and look for good opportunities regularly. Bret helped me find exactly that and closed the deal quickly and smoothly. I enjoyed getting to know him during the process. I will definitely work with him again. In between now and then, we’ll have to go fishing!

Captain Frank – Buyer

When my mother passed away, she did not have a will. This meant that all of her children from my father as well as another side of the family from her second husband all had legal rights to the property. What a mess?! Bret took his time and spoke with everyone involved helping us all reach an agreement. I really didn’t think it would be possible, yet he got it done. Thank you!

Billy Jean, Kim, and Noah – Seller

I was looking for a real estate investment opportunity, and Bret brought me a great deal. He is really sharp and creative when it comes to finding and structuring things in a way that gets a deal closed. I will definitely look at more opportunities he brings my way.

Collyn – Buyer

Bret is a great agent to work with. Very responsive, professional, and warm. I have closed multiple transactions with him and look forward to the next one.

Mark – Agent

Once I became sick, I had no way to continue to work or afford my home. I was glad to find another place to live, but this home needed to go. I wasn’t paying the bills plus code enforcement wanted to fine me for the high grass. Bret stepped in and solved the problem. Thank you!

Sheleta – Seller

I was injured at work and lost my job as a result of not being able to continue to perform the role. My attorney explained that I had a settlement coming, yet this was not much help with paying my mortgage or taking care of the property maintenance. Bret was able to work with me to help me sell my house after listing it with a real estate agent had failed. I don’t know what we would have done without him. Thank you!

Leroy and Angie – Seller

My father and I purchased a property together with the intention to renovate the property. We ultimately decided to sell so we could pursue other opportunities. Bret stepped in and helped us sell our property. Looking forward to seeing the property once it’s finished!

Daniel and Danilo – Seller

I worked with Bret to help a client buy a home. It was great getting to know them and working together to help with a successful closing!

Johnny – Agent

We purchased an investment property and successfully managed it as a rental for about ten years. When we decided it was time to sell, we realized that not all agents are created equally. Integrity is important to us, so we reached out to Bret and he helped us get the sales process rolling!

Lindsay and Jemma – Seller

Bret reached out to me to discuss working together. He sent me a referral to help a client achieve their their goal to sell their property. He is a professional who values teamwork and works hard to help others!

Bennie – Agent

And Many More…

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