Are You A Passive Investor Looking for Cash Flow?

Not interested in actively managing construction projects or dealing with rental properties, yet still want to invest in real estate? Do you want to passively invest your money in the real estate market while others actively manage the projects and the properties that create income and wealth for you? Good news. Rise Up Real Estate Investments provides an opportunity for you to earn a nice return on your investment. We offer passive investors the opportunity to put their investment capital to work using the private lending strategy to increase their wealth.  

Private lending allows investors to earn above average returns on their money with many layers of protection to manage risk.  Private loans people like you make on our projects are guaranteed by a promissory note, collateralized by real estate, secured with a mortgage, and insured against loss. Investors in other assets such as stocks have a difficult time finding multiple layers of protection like the ones named above so they expose themselves to greater risks.  They also have trouble finding an opportunity that provides a consistent return. As a result, many private lenders continue to lend their money for our real estate development and redevelopment projects again and again making a nice return on their money year after year. Please contact Rise Up Real Estate Investments when you want to learn more about the opportunities that we offer to private lenders like you. Thank you. Rise Up!

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Overview of the Private Lending Process


A Better Way

They say when everyone goes “Zig”, you should go “Zag”. When the majority of financial advisors, financial planners, investment brokers, and other professionals are leading you to invest your money in products like mutual funds (there’s your “Zig”), you should seriously consider spaces where a few savvy investors and private money lenders are quietly earning great profits and returns on their money (there’s your “Zag”). Rise Up Real Estate Investments has specialized knowledge and skills as well as a proven track record of success. Our company continually finds and creates profitable opportunities and we help others in the process.  We are in our sixth year of business, and the future looks bright. Contact us when you want to learn more and get moving on a better pathway to success.

Think Different

Are You An Active Real Estate Investor?

Do you want to buy properties at wholesale prices to give yourself the ability to perform a redevelopment or rehab project? Are you seeking opportunities to actively manage real estate investments that earn equity upon a successful sale on the retail market?  Do you want to buy and hold portfolio of investment properties to benefit from rental income, third party principal pay down, appreciation, and tax deductions for repairs, maintenance, interest, depreciation, etc.?

Rise Up Real Estate Investments has the knowledge, skills, experience, and ability to offer you the opportunity to achieve your real estate investing goals. We offer active investors like you the opportunity to buy properties at wholesale prices perfect for rehab projects. We also help landlords acquire investment properties with the objective of increasing their cash flow from rental income as well as receive all other benefits related to owning a portfolio of investment properties.  Do you have a potential deal you’re interested in discussing?

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