Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy for Longer

Keeping your home clean and organized is an ongoing daily struggle, especially if you have children. No matter how diligent you are, clutter and dirt accumulate quickly. The gratification you feel after scrubbing your home from top to bottom may temporarily relax you, but the reality is it won’t last long. Studies show that this is a prevalent cause of stress that’s not present in homes that have hired cleaning help.

The problem with advising that people get hired help is that it’s not realistic for the vast majority of homes whose budget won’t allow for it. They’re left to cope with the harsh reality that cleaning and organizing is part of the daily routine and a dominating factor in their free time.

There are, however, significant ways in which you can mitigate the intensive labor involved in keeping your home tidy. The best way is to organize intelligently. Organizing is not just a matter of finding a place for something out of sight and accessible. Smart organizing takes into account all the factors that can keep your home tidier for longer so you can keep your precious free time and be less stressed.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid the mistakes that make your common areas look messy and organize more effectively:


Before you do anything, it’s important to declutter. A lot of people suffer from the disease of hoarding. This will only increase your stress. Get rid of all the things you don’t need. Not only will it make space for you to organize other items, it’s a liberating experience in and of itself.

The Fridge

The fridge is a major eyesore in most homes and a subconscious contributor to stress. Because of its magnetism, people use their fridge for pictures, reminders, invitations, appointments and the list goes on. Not only does this look awful and make your house look messy, it doesn’t even serve its purpose because people tend to ignore what’s on the fridge. Instead, install a corkboard for reminders, and keep it up to date. Many people have a habit of keeping out-dated notes up.

Entry Closet

The entry closet is typically the hardest working closet in the home. You’d be lucky to get the door closed. As a result, when children get home from school, their shoes, jackets, and bags end up on the floor. Using this closet to store mundane items is an enormous mistake. Keep this closet organized for easy storage so your kids have a dedicated place for their jackets, shoes and school bags. Not having these items on the floor will transform the complexion of your entryway.

Papers, Papers Everywhere!

Every home has an entry table or desk where heaps of mail and documents pile up. Most would agree that seeing such a disorganized messy table is certainly a cause of anxiety. All you need to do is pick up a file organizer and instead of throwing the mail on the table, place it in a slot. The additional slots can be used to differentiate between read and unread mail or documents.

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