Family-Friendly Decor Without Compromise

As thrilled as closing on your dream home is, it’s also equally overwhelming. The packing and moving process are tedious and trying to establish a unified decor while incorporating your existing furniture is a challenge. With the added factor of raising a family, you’ll find that much of your existing items as a bachelor or newlywed are no longer suitable.

Before you move into your new home, you’ll want to take stock of your items and assess what stays and goes. Keep in mind that family-friendly items are the name of the game. So no matter how stylish something is, you need to be pragmatic when raising a family. It’s important to remember that if it can be broken, it will be broken, if it can be stained, it will be stained. When you think along those lines, incompatible items become clear. Follow these tips so that you can be family-friendly and not compromise on style.

1) Rugs

Rugs tend to take the brunt of it when it comes to staining. Whether its spilled drinks, markers, or food, gravity ensures the rug won’t miss out. Rugs add a lot to the decor to your home, so eliminating them all together is not the answer. The best course of action is to shop for wool rugs because they’re the easiest to clean without compromising on comfort and quality.

2) Paint Color & Type

Most people think they have to ditch light colors in high-traffic areas to mitigate visible damage from their children’s antics. This can present a problem because lighter colors generally make spaces look larger and brighter. The good news is, the color of the paint is irrelevant, what matters is the type of finish and whether or not it’s easy to clean. The higher the gloss, the more durable and easier to clean. You also don’t want your living room walls shining, so semi-gloss finishes give you the best of both worlds–it looks good and is easy to clean.

3) Upholstery

Damage to your upholstery is inevitable. The best thing to do is upholster your furniture with the right materials, this way you don’t have to compromise on the couch you love. The good news is furniture companies understand the struggle and many offer durable outdoor materials for their indoor furniture as well. These materials are specifically made to withstand dirt and precipitation.

4) Storage

No matter how destruction proof your decor is, you will still be left with one major problem. Kids grow out of their belongings just as fast as they grow out of their clothes. It’s important to incorporate as many storage solutions as possible into your home to ensure your decor isn’t compromised by a barrage of toys and the like.

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