Decorating Ideas for a Modern Guest Room

With just a few simple tweaks, you can create a modern guest bedroom that’s a welcoming and comfortable home away from home. Turn your current guest bedroom into a luxury retreat for your house guests with these decorating ideas.

Think Like a Hotel

Modern Guest Room |YLiving

You want your guest room to feel warm and inviting, but by taking it one step further, you’ll create a luxurious space that will certainly leave an impression on overnight visitors. Think soft texture, neutral color palettes, and all the right additions to create a soothing atmosphere.

Create the Perfect Bedside Setup

FOLK Night Table and FOLK Bed by Joel Dupras, from Huppe

While style is important, providing your guests with all the right essentials is what will really help to make them feel taken care of. That’s why creating the perfect bedside setup is vital to the modern guest room. A bedside light for reading, a vase of fresh flowers, a cup for water, a candle, and even reading material are all small touches that will make a big impact.

Don’t Skimp On the Lighting

Modern Guest Room|YLiving
Momo Swing Arm Wall Sconce  from Astro Lighting

It’s bad in any room, but having bad lighting is worse in spaces in which you’re not not familiar. Don’t be that host. Instead make sure that your spare bedroom is well equipped with the proper lighting. Including a bedside lamp is key. That way your guests won’t have to walk through an unfamiliar dark room after they’ve shut off the main light, and it will allow them the option to read in bed.

Create a Cozy, Functional, and Dreamy Retreat

Woodgrain Coverlet from DwellStudio

Your guest room should be a place of comfort, function, and have a dreamy quality to it that will stick with your house guests even after they leave. Big, fluffy pillows and rustic accents create a comfortable and fanciful space that guests will love.

Take Decorating Cues From Your Surroundings

Twist Platform Bed from Rosetto

If you live in a wooded area, why not play with that scenery inside?  Take whatever lies outside and bring it in, whether that be breezy coastal views, a sprawling urban landscape, or the quiet tranquility of a forest.

Pick a Pair

Modern Guest Room |YLiving
Dorma Twin Upholstered Bed from Monte Design

Two is better than one. So if you have the space for it, having more than one bed in your spare room is great for accommodating multiple house guests at a time. Not to mention, there’s something so stylish and hotel-like about having two identical beds in one room.

Go Vertical

Modern Guest Room |YLiving
Perch Bunk Bed from Oeuf

If you’re limited on space, but are still interested in having more than one bed in your guest room, then going vertical is a stylish solution. Guest bedrooms with bunk beds–or separate lofted beds, as shown above–are right on trend. You can even add two or more sets of bunk beds so you can entertain even more visitors. Built-in bunk beds are a great option as well, and any visiting children will love it.

Add a Trundle

Modern Guest Bedroom |YLiving
Dorma Trundle Bed from Monte Design

No space for two beds or a bunk bed? Then get sneaky with your modern guest room by incorporating a trundle bed. Trundles silently slip under another bed for easy access when more company than anticipated comes a-calling.

For more ideas on how to create a stylish and welcoming guest room, be sure to check out the modern bedroom furniture and decor at YLiving.

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