Creative Ways to Maximize Your Storage Space

When you move into a new home, the last thing you have trouble with is filling up your storage space. Even if you’re a new homeowner or moving into a very large house, it’s just matter of time before all that storage space is used up. The problem is many people resign themselves to the perception that all their storage space is used up and there’s nothing they can do about it. The truth is there are many creative storage solutions that you can employ to maximize your storage space. The following ideas can help!

1. Spray Bottles Under The Sink

The cabinet under the sink is precious real estate for a wide variety of cleaning products, dishrags, garbage bags, garbage, compost, and recycling. It can really get busy and disorganized down there. Often times you have to resort to taking up precious storage place elsewhere for many of the items. It’s important however to think 3 dimensionally. Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles under the sink and free up room for other items.

2. Bathroom

Powder rooms aren’t generally an issue, we’re talking about your personal bathrooms where you shower and groom yourself. There’s often no space for towels, toiletries, toilet paper, hair dryers, hair curlers and the list is endless. Install some rails on the walls and hang some nice baskets that fit in with your bathroom décor. A few baskets are equivalent to all the storage space in your vanity.

3. Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers need not only be used for shoes. However, they are excellent for storing shoes behind your door and giving yourself a ton of extra space on the floor of your closet. Another great option is to store some household items in them. One great example is hanging one on the laundry closet door and storing all your cleaning supplies. Not only will it free up a lot of shelving, it will give you easier and visible access to your cleaning supplies.

4. Storage Friendly Furniture

When furniture shopping always keeps storage in mind. Although that glass coffee table may look nice, there are plenty of popular coffee tables that double as storage with big drawers. The same goes for ottomans. When choosing an ottoman, restrict your choices to ottomans that come with a storage element. For kids beds, buy the ones that have drawers under the mattress. There are infinite options for different pieces, always be mindful of this.

5. DVD’s and CD’s

First and foremost, you shouldn’t have any of these, period. In the age we live in, everything can be stored electronically; these won’t be around for much longer. For those who insist on keeping them for nostalgia or other reasons, you can downsize the space they take up dramatically. Remove all the discs from their cases and place them in a book with sleeves. The vast majority DVD’s and CD’s is useless packaging.

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