5 Bathroom Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life

When you first buy a house the whole experience can be overwhelming. You now have this house you need to fill up with items to make it a home. Budgets aside, the process is lengthy, it’s not easy picking out items that you have to live with every day. With this in mind, it makes sense to fill your home with things that will make your life simpler and avoid items that will ultimately end up as clutter.

There’s no shortage of gadgets and inventions you can purchase to simplify your life around the house. Everything from things for the kitchen for food prep to gadgets that make housework and cleaning less of a hassle. One thing people tend to overlook is the bathroom.

People fail to account for all frustrations associated with grooming, especially if you are grooming small children. You’ll often find yourself looking for a third hand when all you really need is to put care into your bathroom and source some useful bathroom inventions. Here are a few that will change your life:

1) A Hair Catcher

There are few things more frustrating than taking a shower and realizing you’re up to your knees in water because of a clog. Well, there’s one thing more frustrating; digging out the soggy hairballs stuck in your drain. A simple, yet useful bathroom invention that remedies this, is a hair catcher that you can install in your drain and empty with no hassle.

2) Glow In The Dark Toilet Seat

There’s nothing worse than being woken from your peaceful slumber to go to the bathroom. This is especially a hassle if you are male; unless you have mastered the use of ‘the force’, you will need to turn the lights on to do your business without making a mess. The last thing you want in the middle of the night is bright lights to fully wake you up. By installing a genius bathroom invention, the glow in the dark toilet seat, you’ll never have to worry about that again!

3) Hair Dryer Stand

Blow Drying your hair is infinitely easier and less time consuming if you can use both hands to brush. Luckily there’s a bathroom invention that can accomplish this for you; a hands-free hair dryer stand. This will significantly cut down on prep time and frustration.

4) Bath Squeegee

Doing a post-shower squeegee seems like more work, but in the long run, it will save you immeasurable time. Wiping down all the excess water will significantly mitigate all the dirt and grime build up in your shower. This nifty bathroom invention will eliminate hours upon hours of scrubbing.

5) Shaving Pedestal

It can be extremely frustrating looking for leverage while shaving your legs. The tub is often too low (unless you’re the perfect height), causing you to be uncomfortable and do a sloppy job. Determine your perfect height and install a shaving pedestal in your shower, you won’t regret using this simple yet effective bathroom invention. This will not only cut down time on precious time, it will be far less strain on your back and legs.

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