National News Coverage of Tropical Storm Barry Is Its Own Disaster

July 13, 2019

Yesterday, “America’s weatherman,” Al Roker, provided some unsolicited advice to the good people of New Orleans: If he lived here, he would “make plans now” to evacuate. It’s a good idea to be prepared to evacuate any time you find yourself located within a potential hurricane’s “cone of uncertainty.” It’s a bad idea for people […]


Prepare Your Property for a Hurricane

July 12, 2019

There are pros and cons of owning property. While the pros usually outweigh the cons, natural disasters are one of those times which can make us wonder why we thought property investing was such a great idea. While hurricanes can cause intense devastation, they can usually be forecast days or even weeks in advance, allowing […]


Hurricane Safety Checklists

July 11, 2019

Hurricane Safety Checklists The most important thing you can do as hurricane season approaches is to get yourself, your family and your home prepared. By starting early, you’ll avoid the rush at home supply stores, grocery stores and other venues typically crowded and often chaotic when hurricane watches and warnings are issued. You should stock six […]


Investors Are Buying More of the U.S. Housing Market Than Ever Before

July 9, 2019

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The share of investor purchases of U.S. homes have climbed to an all-time high, a sign that rising home prices have done little to dampen demand for flipping homes or turning them into single-family rentals. Big private-equity firms, real-estate speculators and others that buy properties comprised more than 11% of U.S. home […]


Google’s Most Popular Home Design Searches

July 8, 2019

What are people searching for on the internet when it comes to home design? Google released a new report that breaks down the most popular searches by several design categories for the home. Coastal-inspired living rooms, ranch style homes, and blue hues appear among some of the most curious trends in Google searches. Google’s Home […]


Fourth of July in New Orleans

July 3, 2019

Here’s what to do in your red, white and blue The first week of July, the city throws off its sedate, summer pace and starts to move to the beat of Essence Fest and beyond. Spend Independence Day with good food, history, live music and more with our recommendations below. Rebecca ToddPicnicing at The Fly […]


Veteran’s Guide To Saving On Housing Costs

June 25, 2019

Veterans have sacrificed so much for the safety of our country. As a way to say thank you, many organizations, retailers, and companies offer discounts or programs to make buying and owning a home more affordable for those who have served. If you’re a veteran of the U.S. military, there are many ways you can […]


More Single Ladies Put a Down Payment On It

June 6, 2019

Single women are killing the real estate game: Here’s how 4 women did it on their own How to navigate adult life like a boss, from turning your job into a career, investing your hard-earned money, building relationships and more. Because adulting is not easy. Your single girlfriends who own their own home are not […]


Architects Share Top Kitchen And Bath Trends — Outdoor Kitchens Lead List

June 5, 2019

The American Institute of Architects just released its latest Home Design Trends Survey, reaching back to the fourth quarter of 2018 to focus on kitchens and baths, but its top finding couldn’t be more timely: Outdoor cooking spaces top the most-wanted list. Just in time for the Spring season when more Americans can use their […]


Soft Second Mortgage Program Returns to New Orleans

June 3, 2019

A city program that helps first-time homebuyers purchase affordable homes has received an additional $3.2 million in grant funding. The funding will be used to make so-called “soft-second” mortgage subsidies up to $35,000 to New Orleans families of modest means who qualify for a first mortgage and have completed a homeownership training course. Qualified buyers […]